Fix & Go Garage Door Repair Edmond, Oklahoma


Fix & Go Garage Door Repair Edmond, OK


We are here to help with all your garage door needs! If you are getting a new garage door installed, an old garage door repaired, or just thinking about an upgrade, we can help you pick the best door available. We can meet any of your garage door needs including material, security, residential, commercial, drive type and, of course, style. We have a great team of experienced professionals ready to quickly repair your broken garage door or install new garage doors at your home, business, warehouse or other storage facility. We repair all makes and models of garage doors and openers including sections, springs, tracks, rollers, cables, hinges, gears, safety beams and wiring.

Our motto, “Reliable, Honest & Dependable,” holds true for both our company and our garage doors. You can trust in the fact that our doors will work reliably, rain or shine, and you can depend on them to keep your family safe day in and day out.

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Fix & Go Garage Door Repair Edmond, MN has consistently been rated the best garage door repair service in Milton and the surrounding areas. From your first phone call to the final installation, customer service is our top priority. We don’t just value your business, we also value your time. We are grateful for every opportunity to provide you with five-star service and don’t take your business for granted.

Our service professionals have repaired or replaced thousands of residential garage doors, so there’s no problem too big or an issue we haven’t previously addressed.



A garage door with aging springs puts an enormous load on a garage door opener, so another sign of failing springs is when you hear the electric door opener begin to strain as it attempts to lift the door. At this point, it is time to consider replacing the springs. Aging door springs can also break suddenly, a situation that can cause the door to slam shut violently. When one spring breaks, the door will suddenly feel very heavy when you try to open it by hand, and an automatic garage door opener may no longer be able to lift the door at all.

Garage door springs cannot be repaired. Maintenance involves full replacement of both springs at the same time.



Your garage door panels may have been dented or damaged through misuse or they might just look old and tired after many years of wear and tear. Whatever the reason for unsightly garage door panels, you will want to replace them with a more suitable alternative. Always make sure you buy the right garage door panels. Check the make and the model of the existing door because even if a garage door panel looks similar, it may not fit correctly if the wrong type is selected.

Garage panels are usually joined to each other and will also have rollers on the side that run into the track that allows the garage door to move up and down freely. Unless your door panel is at the top, you’re going to have to remove the panels one by one until you reach the garage door panel you need to replace.

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Don't worry if your garage door needs repairs or maintenance; we can help. Call our expert technicians to set up an appointment for your repair today.

Garage Door Spring Repair

A broken garage door spring & rollers requires immediate attention. When springs are broken, a garage door becomes a serious hazard.